Home Remedies for Acne

Millions of people suffer from acne, and there are hundreds of remedies that you can purchase at your local drugstore or online. However, some people prefer to take a more natural approach when trying to treat their acne problems. Here is a look at some of the acne home remedies that you can try in order to clear up your acne breakouts and keep them from coming back.

Stop into your local health and wellness store, and you will see that they have numerous acne home remedies available as well. Keep in mind that with natural cures, the effectiveness will vary greatly from one person to another. Many of the cures rely on herbal and vitamin supplementation, and everyone’s body reacts differently. So you may need to try a few to see what remedy or combination of remedies works best for you. If you do not have a health store in your neighborhood, many of the remedies are available for purchase online.

One home remedy that is frequently recommended to help cure acne is colloidal silver. This remedy basically works like an antibiotic, helping to kill the bacteria that create the acne pimples and cysts. Colloidal silver can be applied directly to the skin or taken orally. Some users will prefer to mix the colloidal silver with juice or water to make taking it easier. Remember that colloidal silver is not intended to replace traditional antibiotic treatments that you may be on, but purely as a way to relieve your acne problems.

Besides colloidal silver, many acne sufferers swear that garlic capsules are a good way to fight your acne breakouts the natural way. The idea is that garlic will help to boost your body’s natural defenses and immune system, which allows it to better fight off the bacteria growing in the sebaceous glands before they have a chance to multiply and turn into acne pimples and cysts.

You can find garlic extract capsules online and at your local supplement store. Garlic is also useful in lowering cholesterol, so it may be found with natural remedies for heart conditions. Be advised, some people report that taking large amounts of garlic cause the herb to be secreted through the oil glands, giving the person a faint garlicky smell.

Another option of a home cure for acne is to go with burdock or dandelion roots. Tinctures made from these two herbs have been shown to be particularly effective when used in acne treatments. The secret is inulin, a substance that helps kill the bacteria that are causing the acne cysts and pimples.

Some people find success in using all natural soaps and face washes, since they find that the ingredients in these are less irritating to the skin than typical cleansers.

Before trying any home remedies, you will want to speak to your doctor. Some herbs and supplements are not recommended for people with underlying health issues, and in conjunction with other medications. Your doctor will be able to advise you as to the safety and usefulness of different home remedies in the treatment and prevention of acne, as well as the most effective dosages and combinations of treatments that will work best for you.