Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma has been around in one form or another for hundreds if not thousands of years, the ancient Greeks first coined the phrase asthma as it means to “pant” or “short-drawn” breathing. Though asthma has been around for so long, it is an undisputed fact that it is one of the fastest growing diseases of the 21st century.

Asthma is basically an allergic reaction to one or more allergens, this can include just one type of allergen or many, and usually a person who has asthma type symptoms should go for a series of allergen tests to ascertain what it is they are actually allergic to.

Other causes of asthma can include the reaction of the person’s immune system to a variety of outside stimuli, these can include different types of

  • Drugs

  • Food

  • Perfume

Asthma can also be caused by other non allergic factors which include heightened emotions, air pollution tension and other problems.

Asthma is a wearisome respiratory disease which dependent on its severity can either be a slight nuisance or something that severely incapacitates the sufferer.

A person who is suffering from asthma will appear to be gasping for their breath. This is because of spasms they are experiencing in the smaller air passages of their lungs. However breathing out is usually more of a problem than breathing in as they usually have difficulty expelling the air from their lungs. Most asthmatics have problems with their breathing at night rather than in the daytime due to temperature changes and sleep is often disturbed.

Before modern medicine was invented, home remedies were used to treat asthma, and some of them proved to be quite effective. Below are just a few that have been around for a number of years.

Honey is said to be a very efficient home remedy in the treatment of asthma. The aroma from a jar of honey if held under the nose of an asthmatic is supposed to be an effective aid to easier breathing for a couple of hours. Honey can also be eaten or mixed with milk or water and drunk. Apparently it is supposed to assist in the removal of mucous from the respiratory airways.

Garlic is another remedy that is supposed to be an excellent choice in the treatment of Asthma with the garlic being boiled in milk and drunk within the early stages of an asthma attack.

Ginger Tea Hot ginger tea mixed with crushed garlic can be taken twice daily to keep asthma under control

Turmeric is considered to be a valuable home remedy in the treatment of asthma. A teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed into a glass of milk, and drunk twice a day, is considered to be very effective.

Mustard Oil should be used as massage oil (not drunk); it can be mixed with camphor and rubbed on the chest of the person who has asthma. It eases their breathing as it loosens the phlegm on their chest.

It should be remembered that if using any type of home remedy, prescribed medications should never be discontinued unless on the advice of your doctor.