Home Remedies for Bad Breath You Can Use At the Office

Just as you are heading back in from lunch you are informed that you have a meeting in exactly 20 minutes. Present will be the company bigwigs, and since you are on the fast track for promotion, you want to make the best impression possible. Impeccably dressed, and facts in hand you pass by the kitchen when suddenly it hits you: is your breath fresh?

Even though you might have brushed your teeth after lunch, there is still that little nagging doubt that leaves you wondering if the coffee or the cigarette enjoyed after lunch will have left their marks on your breath. Considered one of the most stigmatized problems in society, bad breath is a fear that you cannot overcome, and as you are moving toward the meeting your mind is working furiously on a solution.

Rest easy, there are several home remedies for bad breath you can use at the office.

Check your drawer for essential oils of mint, peppermint or wintergreen. Oftentimes they are sold over the counter of convenience stores as supposedly holistic approaches to fighting off a cold, and the odds are good that you or an office mate purchased one of the little vials. A drop or two on the back and the front of your tongue will do the trick and instantly serve to freshen up your breath and mask any unpleasantness.
Did your lunch come with a sprig of parsley or mint? Mostly used as garnishes, these herbs, when chewed, release chlorophyll. The latter is a known deodorizer and will also serve to take any sourness away from your breath. Unlike essential oils, they add very little smell to your breath at all, and so you will go into the meeting with essentially neutralized breath.
Check the kitchen fridge. You most likely will find that fake yellow lemon used for those who drink tea and like a splash of the tart liquid to add flavor to their drinks. A tablespoon of the substance diluted with a small Dixie cup of lukewarm water makes for an emergency mouthwash and gargle. Rinse out your mouth with the substance, swish it around a bit, gargle, spit it out, and then repeat the entire process two or three times. Although only a temporary fix, it is certain to have some positive effect on your breath. Keep drinking water at the meeting to stay hydrated and surreptitiously swish around your mouth and swallow. This gets rid of the odor causing bacteria.
If all else fails, you are certain to find salt in the office kitchen. Dissolve a tablespoon in a small cup of lukewarm water and use like the lemon gargle described above.

While you are in the meeting, stay away from coffee and instead opt for water or citrus based drinks. They will keep your breath fresh and at the same time allow you to partake in the hospitality portion of the meeting. Although these solutions are most likely not going to take away the offensive odor or a just consumed meal containing copious amounts of garlic, they will take care of some of the lesser offenders.