How To Cure Candida

Candida is very much curable disease although there are many rumors surrounding it that it being very dangerous very hazardous etc and many more or less such rumors keep on floating and through the tantrum in the air. It is true that candida conditions are form by parasites. But this is equally true that any parasite is curable.

There are many medicines and treatment for the cure of candida available in the market. But before going for any such medicine first and foremost thing that should be taken care about is find the exact cause of the candida. Candida is generally result f overdoses of antibiotics during illness, pregnancy etc. It is also the result of the over consumption of yeast and other such food eateries. So adding more antibiotics for the cure of the candida will only add to the helping conditions of candida. So going for natural or homely remedies is desirable.

Home remedies

Don’t be surprised that people on this forum talk about the symptoms of candida and to take – vinegar, supplements, etc. But for those with the persistent problem it is mentioned to go with the same remedy, because one of the overlooked facts is that these people have heavy metals and chemical toxicity. Although Uranium and Lead are the most toxic metals, Mercury is the metal that will do more damage to the bodies cell walls. It is a metal that people need to get rid of persistent candida and fatigue.

Lot of researches has found out that vinegars kill yeast and mold per a scientific study. Doctors use red wine vinegar to kill over 90 percent of mold and mildew. Secondly there is a candida antibody titer test that medically determines via blood tests whether or not you have candida syndrome.

Another antibiotic and medically secluded but an effective medicine is spectro 3 vitamin or mineral supplement, magnesium taurate for the depression, extra calcium, B-50 complex for all the vitamins deplete candida from your body. Digestive enzymes act as very natural anti-candida agents for they eat up all the waste material with each meal and in between and a good probiotic as well.