How To Do Neck Exercise

The neck is a very delicate part of the body. It joins the rest of the body with the head. Like all the other body parts the neck if not exercised properly can lead to numerous problems. Some of the most common neck problems like neck pain and stiffness. Most of the times neck pain may fell like a kink that may spread to the shoulders, upper back, arms. Very often neck pain can also induce headache. Such a type of hazard can limit the movement of the neck and usually more to one side than on the other side. Typically neck problems are often caused by strain or spasm of the neck muscle or by inflammation of the neck joints. For example holding the head in a forward position while watching television is found to be one of the main causes of neck pain. Since the neck includes the bones and the joints of the cervical spine it is very essential to take proper care and precaution of the neck. This can only be possible by following proper care regime. Another best way to do this is to exercise the neck properly.

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Types of neck exercises:

If done properly neck exercises can lengthen and stretch the neck muscles and helps in releasing the tightness due to poor posture. The first and foremost thing to remember is to keep the neck in a proper posture that is comfortable. There are numerous methods for exercising the neck. This can be done at home even while watching TV. Also prolonged keeping of the neck in the same position while watching television, is not at all good for the health. Thus light exercises can really be helpful while watching television.

How to exercise the neck:

One can position the shoulders relaxed and the chin towards the chest and then turning the chin to the right shoulder as far as is comfortable. This exercise is very effective. However it should be noted so as not to compress the back of the neck. One can feel the stretch on the opposite side. It is especially helpful in increasing the elasticity of the neck as well to relieve the stiffness.