How To Use Acupressure

Acupressure’s powerful points can be used to increase many aspects of life. Starting from managing stress, acupressure can be use to relieve and prevent sports injuries too. Athletes have extensively used sports massage before and after Olympic events. Acupressure complements sports medicine treatments. It helps by using points and massage techniques to improve muscle tone and circulation. It also helps to relieve neuromuscular problems.

Other way to use acupressure
The Chinese use acupressure as a beauty treatment for thousands of years and still practice it. Some potent points can be use to improve skin condition. It helps toning and relaxes the facial muscles. Which can minimize the appearance of wrinkles without drugs. Even though acupressure is not a replacement for medical care, it is often a proper complementary treatment. It can speed the healing of a broken bone once it has been set. It can also aid a cancer patient by helping to alleviate some of the associated pain and nervousness of the disease as well.

Its benefits
Patients who are in therapy can derive benefits from acupressure by using it to heighten body consciousness and deal with anxiety. When powerful emotions are free and unsettled, the body stores the follow-on tension in the muscles. Acupressure can help restore emotional balance by releasing the accumulated tension that is caused by repressed feelings. An acupressure point has two identities and ways of working. When the point is stimulated where pain and tension is felt, it is called a local point. That same point can also relieve pain in a part of the body that is far-off from the point. In that case is called trigger point. This triggering mechanism works through a human electrical channel and that is called meridian. The meridians are pathways that connect the acupressure points to each other and to the internal organs too. Just as blood vessels carry the blood that nourishes the body physically. The meridians are different channels that circulate electrical energy all the way through the body. The highly effective acupressure point in the webbing is between the thumb and index finger. It is not only beneficial for relieving arthritic pain in the hand, but benefits the colon and relieves problems in the facial area and the head. It includes headaches, toothaches and sinus problems.