Ignore Bad Breath and Prepare To Suffer From Loose Teeth

When your little one wiggles his baby tooth, it is cute, when you are suddenly able to wiggle your teeth, there are problems underfoot that might not only lead to lengthy stints in the dentist’s chair, but also the potential of having to wear dentures. Face it; there is no visit from a money bearing tooth fairy for an adult. Instead, there is a good chance that the loose teeth are underlining a significant amount of neglect you have permitted to go on in your mouth, all the while ignoring one of the most obvious symptoms of problems in the oral cavity: bad breath.

By the time the teeth are loosened, there is already a lot of damage that occurred in your mouth and you may believe that bad breath is the least of your concerns. If you had to do it all over again, the odds are good that you would not ignore bad breath. To reinforce your convictions, here are some quick facts that will have you view your bad breath problem with a whole new awareness.

Bad breath is a symptom of the condition that leads to the disease with ends with loose teeth. Rather than seeking to mask your breath, consider it a harbinger of potentially dangerous, principal oral health problems that are in the process of increasing the bacteria population and thus are putting your dental health at risk.

Bad breath does need to be taken seriously and should not be covered up. Instead, it may have a very serious cause and may point to harm being done to the mouth’s core, and if left unimpeded, will continue to destroy the structures within.

Bad breath that does not respond to normal oral hygiene is a cause for concern that can only be properly addressed by your dentist. She or he will offer a detailed assessment of your current oral health, evaluate the damage done to your gum tissues and also your teeth, and then remove the cause for the disease and maybe also reverse the loosening of teeth.

Paying attention to your bad breath may actually keep you healthy! It is a known fact that losing teeth greatly affects the adjacent teeth and even the gum tissue that have not yet been affected. In addition, the newly created sockets are breeding grounds for further colonies of bacteria that now have unhindered access to your jawbones.

Ignore your bad breath at your own peril, but know that paying attention to this condition is the first step to taking control of your mouth’s health. It has the power to warn you of impending periodontal disease, and – if heeded – will prevent the loss of your teeth. Do not delay your appointment with the dentist today, but go ahead and see what a dental professional can do for you in an effort to keep you completely healthy and also restore your mouth to the health it used to enjoy. Paying attention to bad breath really does pay off!