Insomnia Improves with Acupuncture

As night rolls around and you prepare to go to bed is it with the knowledge that you will have a good night’s sleep waking in the morning refreshed? Or are you one of the thirty million American’s who suffer from a sleep disorder? Insomnia comes in many forms. For some insomnia is a failure to fall asleep but for others it is the inability to sleep deeply enough that they are unbothered by the sounds around them. These people wake constantly during the night. Those who suffer from sleep disorders, whichever kind type they are, wind up with their worst symptoms appearing during the day. The tiredness is only one of them. Their irritability, mood swings and listless attitude are also very apparent to those around them.

Acupuncture is one treatment that can help those suffering from sleeping disorders. Not only can it help, but research has proven that it does. One of the benefits to acupuncture for insomnia is that it is known to relax the patient. The acupuncturist will tell their patients that the meridian lines of heart and liver are the ones that will be concentrated on when treating this condition. But first they will take a complete history so that they better understand their patient and what may be causing the sleep problems. Acupuncture treats the entire body, rebalancing the energy that may be disrupted or blocked and so causing whatever problem the body is dealing with. The Acupuncturists believe that restoring this balance will restore the body’s health.

If the insomnia is caused by stress there may also be restless leg syndrome. This is a problem that can cause the person to awaken with severe pain in the lower leg muscles. Again, the feeling is that by putting the body back into balance these muscle cramps will disappear.

The reason that acupuncture seems to work on this problem is that it is good at calming a person’s nervous system. It increases the blood and oxygen flow. It also helps a person breathe deeper, and should diminish any aches and pains the patient may have and so prepares the person for a more relaxed sleep time. It will work on the digestive system as well, calming any upsets that the patient might be contending with. The treatment usually consists of two sessions weekly for five weeks. A short break is then taken to see if the results have been successful.

Acupuncture might be a part of Chinese traditional medicine, but that does not mean that it does not include many things that westerners also use to treat problems. The acupuncturist will not just treat insomnia with the insertion of needles and let it go at that. There will be suggestions on lifestyle adjustments as well. It will be suggested that bedtime be at the same time every night to get your body into a routine and to avoid big meals close to bedtime. Using acupuncture along with the common sense tips you will get should improve your ability to sleep at night.