Is The Colon Cleansing Diet Truly Safe?

As you shop at your local health food store, you will undoubtedly be assailed by reminders that you should do a colon cleanse. These ads are usually more prevalent around the holidays which in many families are synonymous with overeating and overindulging in alcohol. Many natural supplements have been manufactured that promise to get your colon back up to speed and remove and stored up fecal matter that may have become even denser over the holiday season with its excesses. Yet as you read the instruction printed on the packages, you will find that almost all natural colon cleansing products require you to concurrently observe a specified diet to truly let the supplements do their work. This begs the question if the colon cleansing diet thusly advocated is truly safe or little more than just another fad.

Interestingly, there is not one single answer. When done correctly and under the supervision of a physician, this could be a great experience leading to a change of lifestyle and better health, while – if done alone and not followed completely – can add insult to injury by presenting health risks.

  • The notion that the colon cleansing diet requires you to change your eating habit for a week to rely mainly on whole grains, organic fruits, and as many raw or steamed organic vegetables as possible is actually good advice. If you expand on this requirement and actively rid your pantry of the potato chips and high calorie, refined snack foods that no doubt reside there, you will find that the colon cleansing diet is truly a safe way of changing your eating habit!
  • Conversely, however, if the colon cleansing diet you are following requires you to cook your own vegetable broth using a hard to follow recipe that requires a lot of chopping, cutting, blending, and soaking, then the odds are good that you will not continue to follow it for very long at all.
  • Any cleansing diet that requires you to consume vast quantities of one food group to the exclusion of all other food groups needs to be eyed with suspicion. There are those that suggest you only eat grapefruit (which will adversely affect your use of several cholesterol reducing medications) which will do little in the way of balanced nutrition. The same is true for the lemon diet, beet diet, and also the cranberry diet.
  • A colon cleansing diet that counsels you to eat only high quality lean protein derived from certified organic sources, and stay away from the processed meats so often found on the supermarket shelves will most likely help you to make a lifestyle change that is beneficial for you.

As you can see, common sense needs to prevail no matter which diet you follow and when you do a colon cleanse you will still need to keep in mind that the key to good health is a balanced diet, not one that is top heavy with proteins or carbohydrates and seeks to practically eliminate all other food groups.