Joint Pain


Wherever two bones connect each other and move, Joints exist. Joints have ingredients which protect the ends of the bones, absorb the shocks and avoid the erosion of the bones. For many people there is no understandable cause of joint pain.

Types of Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis of the hip can cause pain majorly when the hip has to bear weight. The pain is felt in the front part of the groin and sometimes in front of the thigh and buttock. It may spread downwards toward the knee. Those with physically stressful lifestyle are more prone to hip joint pain. The joint pain in hips is more seen in the Caucasians than the Africans, though the reason is not known. The Knee is the greatest weight bearing joint and the most affected by osteoarthritis. The Knee joint pain can make it difficult to walk or even minor movement is restricted. Pain shows up usually after the age reaches 50 and on the front and sides of the knee. Joint pain of the knee is more in women than men. The Hand joint pain is prevalent among the Caucasians. It is usually seen among women after menopause when the age is 40-50. It is seen at the joint at the end of fingers and the base of the thumb. The painful joints become small, bony and firm. The swelling at the tips of fingers are called Heberden’s nodes and at the middle joints of fingers the Bouchard’s nodes. These nodes increase the pain. In the foot, osteoarthritis causes pain in the joint at the base of the big toe. With time the toe may bend and develop bunions. The joint may become rigid and walking painful. Osteoarthritis of the spine is found in the neck and back. It is called spondylosis. It is detected by X-rays and only sometimes causes pain and stiffness in the spine joints. In fact back pain is rarely caused by osteoarthritis of the spine.

Remedies over Joint Pain

Exercise, medicines and walking aids may reduce hip pain and improve movement. When the pain is severe, Hip replacement is advised. Losing weight, painkillers or knee replacement can be used to assuage knee pain. Medication or heat therapy is used to alleviate the Hand joint pain.