Joint Protection


Joint protection methods present an efficient way to prevent and control arthritis pain. Pain indicates joint destruction and thus activity must be stopped immediately after pain. Exercise like running can be detrimental for the knees and hips, while walking on a soft surface or swimming is protective. Joints deform in bent positions. So as far as possible they have to be kept straight (eg. avoid bending on the hands with bent fingers)

Proper Joint Movements

Every joint should be moved through its entire pain free gamut of movement, minimum one time in a day. Do not exaggerate these movements. The movement should be slow and gentle. Jerks and bouncing can hurt the joints. Learn the difference between the common arthritis discomfort and the pain caused due to overuse of the joint. Segregate those activities which resulted in a pain lasting for more than an hour. Avoid these activities. The joints are damaged more if they are used, when they are swollen and in pain. To perform any specific task, use the largest and strongest joint. The weak joints should be utilized for tasks only when they are the only joints, which can perform the task. If joints are not put in motion for a long time they become stiff. So, while watching TV break every 30 minutes or while writing release the hand every 15 minutes.

Proper Posture

Do not use a tight fist, but use thick handles of objects. Do not hold objects between the thumb and the fingers. While sitting, the work platform should be 2 inches below the bent elbow. The forearms and upper legs should be parallel to the floor. There should be a good back and foot support. For typists, the chair should have arms. If the work requires standing it must not include bending. To pick objects from the floor, bend the knees and hips or sit in a chair and then stoop. While transmitting heavy items carry them close to the chest and their weight should be on the forearms. A Bad posture leads to mismatched weight allocation and muscular strain. Work has to be done at a steady speed and it must be stopped before getting fatigued. Maintain the weight within allowed limits.