Keep The Heart Healthy

The interesting truth is that what an arthritis sufferer does to improve heart health also has a positive impact on alleviating arthritis. Many of the exercise regimens and food requirements that deliver a healthier heart profile invariably assuage arthritis problems. An arthritis sufferer is always advised to exercise regularly and consume certain arthritis- relieving food. It has been scientifically demonstrated that similar exercises and food supplements also elevate heart health. For instance, arthritis-sufferers are advised to take fish capsules. It is a well-known fact that fish oil capsules like cod liver oil are good for heart health because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that drive down cholesterol levels. Incidentally, these omega-3 fatty acids are also instrumental in reducing arthritis inflammation and alleviating pain from inflammation.

Tracing the strong correlation

The physical exercises that are suggested as necessary for better management of arthritis like walking and swimming are also good for heart health. It is a well-known fact that any kind of aerobic physical exercise raises the heart rate and strengthens heart function. This exercise also necessarily assists in acquiring a full range of motions in stiff joints and muscles, which are a characteristic feature of arthritis. Hence, obviously, what works wonders for heart health also translates into better arthritis coping strategies. Again, whatever food is heart healthy like increased intake of fish, is found to be excellent for tempering arthritis flare-ups. Thus, there is a strong correlation between a healthy heart and healthier arthritic profile. To take another example, when ginger or vitamin supplements are recommended for arthritic control, it has been judiciously learned that they have a salutary effect on heart health. Taking into account this direct connection between a healthier heart and better arthritis pain management, many in the medical fraternity regularly advocate an alternative healthier lifestyle as the foremost coping strategy for attaining optimal health on both fronts.

Switching to healthier lifestyles

Another telling example is the physician’s counsel to quit smoking. The stark truth is that smoking reduces blood circulation, thus constricting heart arteries and also negatively affecting joint and muscle functioning. This straightforward association between a healthier heart and better arthritis management has been replicated across a wide range of physical exercises and food groups. Keeping this uppermost, many physicians now routinely advise arthritis patients to switch to healthier lifestyles that will ensure lesser pain and improved heart health.