Lasers An Up and Coming Cellulite Treatment

Of all the treatments for cellulite, laser treatments are perhaps the most controversial. Cellulite, which can continue to show up on different parts of the body for the duration of one’s life, is a constant struggle for some people. Women are the most susceptible, although men can develop cellulite. Women have tried many different treatments in the past with little success. They have gone to great lengths to hide their cellulite by wearing long skirts and not visiting the beach. There are many creams and lotions that promised to help reduce cellulite, but none of them have lived up to their promises. So when a new treatment comes on the market, many women are afraid to spend more money on something that is not going to work.

Laser treatments are the latest trend in cellulite removal. For years lasers have been used to correct vision problems, assist in surgery, have been used to reduce tumors, and also used in repairing organs without removing them from the body. Now lasers are being called on to reduce cellulite. The premise sounds promising since lasers can be used safely on the surface of the skin where cellulite likes to dwell. Different from body fat, cellulite cannot be reduced through traditional means such as diet and exercise. It is not caused by overeating or not exercising. Laser treatments promise to reduce the size of the cellulite lumps and return skin to its former glory.

A small laser beam is run over the skin where the cellulite is the most prevalent. In theory, the laser should be able to reduce the size of the cellulite by melting fat away. The fat is removed from the body by the body which has some physicians concerned. Fat can be deposited in the liver or get lodged in the body causing blockage. This can lead to heart failure. This type of fat is meant to be removed from the body in traditional ways body fat can be removed. Body fat is stored fat used later on as energy. Cellulite fat cannot be used as energy. Therefore it is treated like a foreign object that must be removed.

So far, laser removal has not had a lasting impact in cellulite reduction. Multiple treatments must be performed as the cellulite will return. The cells will continue to produce more fat even though some of the fat is gone. Destroying the cells only makes room for more cells. Cellulite is caused by a gene in the body that allows it to make these cells. Once the gene has been isolated and removed, the body will no longer be able to produce the cells necessary. This is the only way cellulite will be prevented form occurring over and over.

Until researchers find this gene, people will have to seek other treatments like laser surgery. Reducing the appearance of cellulite if only for a few months is enough for some people. They are willing to pay lots of money maintaining these treatments. To them it is worth the money to not see as much cellulite on their thighs.