Let There Be Light Light Therapy Options for Cellulite

New ways to treat cellulite keep showing up in the media and in scientific journals each year. Since so many people are interested in cellulite prevention and treatment, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of people and have convinced them to let go of a lot of money when it comes to treatment options. Some of these treatments show small results, but many show no results at all. This can be very disconcerning to those who are desperate for help. Cellulite, is a fat that is produced by the body. Unlike body fat that settles around muscle and bone, cellulite stays just beneath the surface of the skin. This fat is not useful in any way. It cannot be burned for energy by the body, so it just lingers there. More cellulite can be produced at any time in almost any part of the body. It is embarrassing for most people, even those who exercise regularly. Cellulite is a burden to most people.

A new therapy which involves ultraviolet light may offer a solution. This light is supposed to shrink cells that produce cellulite as well as the fat. Shrinking cells is not a new practice in the scientific world. For years, radiation therapy has been used to shrink cancer causing cells in the body. The difference here is the after effects. Many people are ill for a few days following this type of therapy. But ultraviolet light is not harmful to the body. A person may feel tired the next day, but this is not due to the therapy, but rather to the stress of the situation. Many people feel more comfortable using this type of light than having a procedure such as liposuction where incisions will be made in the skin. There is not cutting involved in light therapy. Another benefit is that light therapy does not take too much time. A person could fit an appointment into a lunch hour. This is much more convenient than liposuction which could also take a person a day or more to recover.

There are a few concerns people may have when considering light therapy. Results have shown limited reduction in cellulite. The cost can be high considering it is recommended that follow-up treatments be administered. Light therapy is still new and experimental. A person could spend a lot of money and not see any results. As with any treatment, conduct as much research as possible. Get recommendations from others and ask if this treatment is worth spending money on. Lastly, ask plenty of questions during a consultation. The more a person knows about light therapy, the more they will be able to decide whether the treatment is worth it for them or not.

Cellulite may return no matter which treatments are administered. There is no full proof way to prevent cellulite from returning. If a treatment does show positive results, perhaps it is worth going back for a second treatment. Only time will tell if light therapy is the treatment that is successful.