Liposuction Lowdown – Why It’s Not a Cellulite Treatment Option

For some reason, when a person thinks there is something that should be changed physically with them, they first think of plastic or cosmetic surgical procedures. There are often times when cosmetic surgery should not even be an option. However, as long as patients are willing to pay, many plastic surgeons will go forth with whatever the patient requests, no matter if it is the right decision or not. When you are suffering from cellulite, liposuction however is simply not a treatment option. There are many things you can do to try to reduce the appearance of cellulite, although liposuction is not one of them.

The whole reason liposuction is not seen as being an appropriate cellulite treatment is because with liposuction, the fat removed is not in the same area as cellulite. In fact, it is often much deeper than the cellulite is. Cellulite is fat stored close to the skin’s surface. It is usually trapped there and becomes deformed. When someone has liposuction, this area is gone past and the fat is taken from deeper within. Therefore, it doesn’t even get close to the problem and only treats other areas of fat.

Although liposuction is not seen as a cellulite treatment option, there are surgeons who still perform the procedure, just to see if it helps. Often times, it is done on patients with severe cellulite and those that have tried everything on the market with absolutely no results. The problem is that when someone with cellulite has liposuction, their cellulite can become much more pronounced and more noticeable overall. Some patients claim that they never had cellulite until after having liposuction. Experts will say that it is simply a possible after effect from liposuction, however many patients claim they are not warned before hand about this possible after effect.

When you are looking for a way to treat your cellulite, you can always stick with the more traditional treatment options. Many women and men with cellulite claim creams and lotions do wonders for their skin. In addition, many people choose to get bi-weekly wraps to help the appearance of the cellulite be reduced.

There are also less invasive treatments being used widely for cellulite, including mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a treatment in which a special and nature substance is injected near the cellulite fat cells. This is something used often in Europe as well as the rest of the world. Cellulite sufferers can talk with their doctors about this treatment or see a local dermatologist for more information.

The thing to remember is that something like liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries are not always the answer to your physical appearance problems. In fact, they can often make things worse. In addition to being very expensive, they are also full of risk in most cases. Keep in mind that plastic surgeons will likely tell you anything to get that extra money out of your pocket. But, if you do your research you will know that cellulite is something that just cannot be treated with surgeries like liposuction.