Low Impact Aerobics

Aerobic exercise is sustained activity which involves major muscle groups, such as swimming, running or brisk walking. It increases heart and respiratory rate and also helps to increase the oxygen circulated through the body. This type of exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and also helps in developing overall strength and stamina. The goal of aerobic is for the pulse to reach a training rate that is appropriate for a particular age. It is necessary for one to stay at that rate for twenty minutes. Also the excersice should be done at least three times a week in order to gain benefits.

Low Impact Aerobics – An Overview

Low-impact aerobics are movements involving large muscle groups used in continuous rhythmic activity. In this, at least one foot contacts the floor at all times and it has evolved for decreasing the lower leg overuse injuries that are associated with high-impact routines. This type of exercise is ideal for seniors, pregnant women and overweight people who think managing high impact will be too much for them. It is also an excellent way of beginning an exercise program for those who have not exercised for some time and want to ease into a program. The guidelines for low impact programs include controlled arm and leg movements for preventing problems with the knee.
With low-impact, fit people may have difficulty achieving adequate intensity, so they are told to use larger movements. Using large arm movements in the upper body also increases the intensity of the movements. Each exercise session must start with a warm-up and gentle stretching and should end with a cool-down. Hardwood or flooring with some cushioning is good for all aerobic activities. This, as soft floors may cause ankle sprains.

The Final Say –

There are no excuses for not trying low impact exercise for get into the groove. Also, low impact exercise does not mean less intensive. It will also take the pulse rate to the level suitable for the individual. Regular exercise will not only keep you in shape but will also make you feel plain good. It will help to control blood glucose levels and strengthen muscles. Also heart and lungs get a work out and perform better, keeping the individual young and fit. So stop looking for excuses and start your work out today!