Lymphatic Draining A Cure for Cellulite?

Today there is no quick solution to reducing your cellulite. Most treatments take weeks or months to complete. The most inexpensive way to reduce your cellulite is to watch what you eat and drink and to exercise on a regular basis. There are thousands of over the counter creams and pills that claim to help reduce cellulite but most of them don’t work.

A lymphatic drainage massage is a way to increase the function of the lymphatic system. This helps remove and filter waste, toxins and excess fluids from the body. By having good lymph fluid circulation in your body you can prevent it from solidifying and binding with the collagen fibers that are in the fat cells. There are several things that help to increase circulation including heat and water treatments, which can be hydrotherapy, saunas and steam baths. This form of treatment helps bring all the toxins closer to the surface of the skin. As the toxins leave, the body the pressure on the lymph system is reduce. This helps encourage weight loss and reduces the formation of cellulite.

The lymphatic system is made up of vessels that transfer lymph fluid. This fluid is a pale congealable fluid that covers the tissues, passes into lymphatic channels and ducts and is then discharged into the blood through the thoracic duct. If the lymph draining exceeds its maximum function then excess fluid accumulates and edema occurs. This is often seen in the early stages of inflammation.

Lymphatic fluid goes into the lymph vessels and is then passed to the lymph nodes, which filters out all the impurities and kills them. The lymph nodes play a very important role in a person’s immune system and help to deactivate any bacteria, viruses and infections that attempt to enter our system.

The lymphatic system runs throughout a person’s entire body, which allows the lymph vessels to absorb fats and proteins. The system also ensures that fats, proteins and waste products are broken down.

Breathing plays a very important part in lymphatic draining since it causes a massaging effect on the most important lymphatic vessel, the chyle cistern. Inhalation causes a low pressure in the thorax, which provides a suction effect. The lymphatic system is also affected by a person’s emotional and psychological state.

Successful lymphatic draining to help cellulite is carried out in stages. Treatment is determined based on a person’s stage of cellulite development and their choice of lifestyle. Since cellulite is affected by a reduction of lymph flow, it is very important to concentrate first on trying to restore the natural lymph function.

To start your lymphatic draining process you should drink at least two to three liters of fluids daily to reduce your sodium. You shouldn’t make any drastic changes to your diet since this would cause you to become weak. Gradual changes in diet are the best. If you are stressed or depressed then you should consider adding a form of relaxation therapy to your cellulite treatment. Stress and depression will cause poor eating habits and a lack of exercise.