Natural Burn Treatments

Fire has been a part of human life for centuries, and with the use of fire comes the risk of burns. Burns are not to be taken lightly, hence why the lesson that something is “hot” is one of the first lessons that toddlers are taught as they start to explore their world. A serious burn can leave a lifelong scar. However, proper care and natural treatments can help a burn to heal properly and prevent scars from happening.

Before you can choose a natural treatment for your burns, you have to figure out the type of burn that you have. The different degree of the burn, the different type of treatment you will need for it. This is not hard to do if you know what to look for.

First degree burns are a minor burn, and cause some redness of the skin. Only mildly painful, they still need to be treated. Second degree burns are slightly worse, causing both redness and some blistering. Third degree burns are the most severe, destroying the entire layer of skin as well as some of the muscle. Depending on the severity, third degree burns may or may not be painful, and the victim can go into shock if they are left untreated. The worst type of burn is a fourth degree burn, where the skin is left charred and muscles or even bone may be exposed.

However, these are only characteristics of burns caused by heat or fire. Chemical burns, electrical burns, and radiation burns can cause differing symptoms, making it difficult to determine the exact severity of the burn. Because of this, these burns need to be treated by a medical professional.

For first degree burns, start the treatment by mixing equal parts of vinegar with water, and apply the tonic to the burn every twelve hours. Applying vitamin E and aloe vera can also help speed up the healing time and relieve discomfort. Tannic acid or white oak bark tea applied to the burn site can also help with healing and prevent scarring.

For smaller second degree burns (second degree burns that cover large portions should be looked at by a medical professional), you can apply vitamin E and zinc oxide. Taking vitamin C, as much as you can handle without causing digestive problems, can also help your body to heal the burned area and prevent scarring. Once the burn has started to heal, applying aloe vera on a regular basis will help the skin to heal and prevent healing.

Third and fourth degree burns require immediate medical attention. Until the wound has been cleaned and started to heal, there is nothing that you can do for it at home. On top of this, severe burns that are left untreated can become infected and cause other problems. Once you have been released from the hospital, applying aloe vera to the wound can help prevent scarring.

Immediate treatment for burns can help to minimize the amount of scarring that is left behind from the burn. If there is ever a doubt about the severity of the burn, seek medical attention immediately.