Need A Little Pick Me Up? The Scoop On Breast Lifts

There are a number of cosmetic surgeries available for the breasts and a simple breast lift is one of them. A more complex breast lift is also available that targets breasts that need to be reshaped and raised. Breast lifts can be performed singly or together with other enhancements like the insertion of breast implants. Your physical body type and needs usually dictate the type of surgery performed.

When you first consult with the cosmetic surgeon, they are going to need measurements of your breasts while you are in the upright position. Next, the consultation will cover what you want in regards to the shape and size of your breasts as well as the positioning of the nipple area. The surgeon’s job is to totally outline what you can expect during the surgery as well as the recovery period and of course, the project outcome.

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Performance of the breast lift surgery

Both general and local anesthesia has been used previously for breast lift procedures and they may take place in the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic or even a hospital. The procedure takes approximately three hours and the extent of the lift will dictate this. The type of lift you get for your breasts will also dictate the length and number of incisions needed to accomplish this. The more lift you want, the more incisions you will have.

Significant lifting requires something called an anchor incision which involves three main incisions shaped like an anchor. There is an incision around the areola which will help in the new placement of the nipple. A vertical incision will extend from the nipple area down to the bottom of the breast while the last incision goes along underneath the breast. These incisions create a flap of skin that can be removed in order to lift the breast in addition to relocating the nipple area.

The remaining skin above the areola which was not cut into is then pulled down to be sewn together with the nipple area and the skin below the breast is pulled up and sutured. The good news is that while the procedure for the breast lift sounds a bit extreme, it is actually easy to do and does not interfere with the underlying breast tissues or nipple sensations. You can even still breastfeed later if you have a child.

Smaller women may not need the anchor incision and therefore will have fewer incision scars. The reason is that smaller women generally tend to have less droopiness. Other options do exist with the breast lift and implants can be a part of them.

Be advised that after the surgery, the breast area will likely be swollen and bruised for at least a week or more. Compression bandages will need to be worn for support until you are able to exert yourself with some physical activity and wear a real bra without discomfort. There will be some sensation loss temporarily around the nipple area but it does return with no ill effects.

For many women, breast lifts are the answer to saggy breasts due to weight loss or even having babies. It is a tried and true procedure that has few complications and will give your breasts a new lease on life.