New Age Acupressure

Acupressure is a process wherein controlled force is applied to certain points of the body known ac acupressure points. It is based on an ancient Chinese art of medicine.

Process Acupressure

Unlike traditional acupressure which focuses only on the body as a whole, process acupressure focuses not only on body but also on mind and soul. This process promises to provide overall well being. It is based on a more spiritual and theological point of view that in order to treat the body, the body, mind and soul should be treated as a whole in order to bring about the required equilibrium between them. The Chinese identified the energy pathways in the body and called these as meridians. The Indians also related with the same concept and renamed the meridians as chakras. This new age acupressure-process acupressure uses the traditional and ancient knowledge of acupressure and combines it with the modern spiritual and psychological understanding of the human individual. This intricate and detailed analysis thus provides for the best possible health care that you can possibly ask for.

During process acupressure, the person administering the acupressure gently but firmly applies pressure to previously identified acupressure points. This process will gently coax the patient into a state of consciousness in which they become of themselves. As the session progresses, the patient goes into a deeper state of consciousness and begins a more through introspection of themselves. They begin to deal with the actual problems that they might have. After some time, the session is gradually brought to a halt by closing the chakras. The patient then slowly comes back into an active state of consciousness. This process promises to rebalance the lost energy within your body and rejuvenate you. It claims to alleviate the stress that you have accumulated during your routine day, and provide for a soothing and relaxing escape to all your worries. It promises to recharge your mind, body and soul and provide you with a fresh outlook about yourself and others.