New News for Diabetes Patients

There are many innovations for diabetes patients, among them the continuous monitoring device, the insulin pump, and new inhaled insulin treatments. These are great advances for those who have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Among the new treatments for diabetes is a special diet that lowers blood glucose levels. The New England Journal of Medicine reports both a new ADA diet and an experimental diet. The ADA diet did keep blood sugar levels under control, but the new experimental diet reduced levels by 10 percent. The experimental diet includes 50 grams of fiber each day. This is about seven or eight servings of fruit and vegetables or other high fiber foods.

This is about twice the recommended fiber intake from the American Diabetes Association.

Another new product for diabetics are the bars and drinks that are readily available for diabetics to improve blood level controls and help avoid nighttime hypoglycemia. They are quick and easy to use, a great take along when you are a busy person. They also can be used as part of a meal, or used before or after exercise to keep your levels under control. Some of these bars and drinks are starch resistant or uncooked cornstarch, which help the body slow the digestion process. Another bar contains high fiber content, which effectively acts like a second pill for controlling blood glucose levels. These new snack bars and drinks can be handy to use if you are away from home, and often contain many more vitamins and minerals than snacks you normally consume.

You must plan your snacks to be just that, a snack, and not another meal. If you are eating the proper amount of snacks at the same time each day, it will keep you from overeating when you sit down to a regular meal. Snack bars and drinks are a healthy alternative to your normal snacks and may keep you from overeating at snack and mealtimes.

There is a cost factor when considering snack bars and drinks for diabetics. The individual products usually sell for around $1.50 per bar or drink, so can run into some extra money. There are various companies making a large variety of tasty snack bars and drinks. You will need to verify they are helping your blood sugar level, so testing before and after eating a snack bar is recommended. You must check blood sugar levels again after three to four hours to check what your blood sugar levels are.

Once you have determined that these bars or drinks work for you, keep several on hand, or with you when you are away from home. They make a good snack, or a meal substitute. They have slower acting carbohydrates and won’t bring your sugar levels up as fast as regular sugar carbohydrates. You should limit the amount you consume each time, as they do have calories, and too many calories can feed your weight problems.

Try not to use these bars or drinks as extras; just use them as something handy for a healthy snack or meal substitute.