Pediatric Asthma And Stress

It’s a fact of nature that stress is part of our very lives, in fact some stress is essential to out wellbeing, and assists in keeping us in tip top condition. However the problem is too much stress can cause us problems, which can then manifest in many different ways.

Therefore stress can be due to any reason, it can have a neutral, negative, or positive effect on us according to our own particular biological point of view.

The problem is nowadays in our modern busy lives which are lived at an ever increasing pace, there is an overabundance of stress and a lot of of us because of our lifestyles usually think of stress as a negative experience.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease which is increasing in leaps and bounds every year. There are approximately five million children in the United States who are diagnosed with asthma, and many millions of dollars have been spent in trying to find the reasons why!

There are different types of stressful life events such as sickness, bereavement, severance of family units through divorce etc which all children go through. Unfortunately if the child suffers from Asthma, when these happen, they have an increased risk of having an asthma attack due to the stress involved.

Unfortunately many children aren’t as resilient as their adult counterparts, and for a child any type of major demanding life procedures can have a rapid worsening effect on their asthma. They may suffer from other problems also in their life which contributes to their stress.

They may be overweight, or have poor self image. They be abused or suffer bullying at school or at home. These can all precipitate attacks of asthma if the stress becomes to much for the child.

There are huge financial and emotional impacts of untreated asthma in children as they can grow into adulthood with major medical problems with all the financial and emotional costs that accompany it.

If a child who is asthmatic meets any type of major stress in their life, they should be treated accordingly before their asthma problems kick in. They should be watched carefully, and if needed a preventative medication administered to avoid the problems of a full blown attack.

We can’t wrap our children in cotton wool (That would be the worst thing for them), we can’t shield them from stressful situations, (That would leave them unprepared for life in the real world), but we can ensure their health is kept at an optimum when facing life changing problems or situations. Observing them carefully and liaising with you health care provider can often mean the difference between them being hospitalized or keeping fit and healthy whilst the stressful situation is ongoing.

If you’re the parent of an asthmatic child, do you know what causes your child stress, and are you prepared for it.