Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery

There are several who are considering pregnancy after their weight loss surgery. Before jumping into major family plans and decisions, it is important to know what the health risks are for this as well as whether it is the right step for you to take and when it can be taken. There are several guidelines that can help you determine when and if you should consider pregnancy after your weight loss surgery.

The first eighteen months after your surgery are not the best times for you to become pregnant. Your body is going through major physical changes. Nutritional needs are trying to re-balance and your food levels are consistently changing. It is also known that your hormones are imbalanced because of the changes that are rapidly occurring throughout your body. Because of this, it is best to not become pregnant for the first eighteen months after your weight loss surgery.

Doctors are now finding that fertility and your body weight are closely associated. As you begin to loose weight, you will have more of a chance of becoming pregnant. Your hormone levels may begin to increase as well as balance out. However, your body is also recovering from several levels of stress because it has been overweight and has gone through surgery. Because of this, it is best to be careful about the higher fertility rates in your body. Being aware of this can help prevent pregnancy while your body is adjusting.

After a year and a half has passed, your body should be more consistent and able to handle other changes. At this time, you can consider becoming pregnant. If you become pregnant before this, your child may have problems with receiving the right nutrients from your body and there can be severe complications before or during the birth. Your body after this time will have a better handle on the foods that you are providing on a consistent basis.

Another consideration with weight loss surgery is the use of the gastric band that is used. This band will never be taken out of your system. If you are considering pregnancy and have had the gastric band surgery, the band will need to be loosened for the pregnancy. This will allow for the proper nutrients to move through your body and will allow for you to be able to gain the weight you need during the pregnancy.

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Weight gain during the pregnancy should also be considered. After one has had a child, it is often difficult to loose the necessary weight. Having a plan after your child is born, as well as keeping a regular diet and exercise schedule will help for you to maintain your weight during and after the pregnancy.

If you have had a weight loss surgery and are considering pregnancy, than you should also consider the several factors that are involved with this surgery. This will help you in determining exactly what your needs are as well as what is safe after your surgery. This will help you to raise a family without having health complications.