Primary Causes Of Candida

Extensive medical researches have found out that a considerable percentage of yeast organisms are present in almost all the people but they remain prevented from overgrowth. However uncontrolled multiplication by naturally occurring microorganisms within the body is the main cause of candida. Medical survey conducted recently throughout the American continent have suggested that almost three quarter of the women have already experienced or are experiencing candiasis at some point of their life. The reason for this is the presence of the candida albicans, a micro organism that is found in the vaginas of almost all women and normally causes no problems. However pregnancy, excessive use of oral contraceptives and some specific antibiotics and diabetes mellitus can effectively increase the chances of yeast infections within the body.

Other major causes:

Systemic candiasis a condition familiar to candida is the resultant of the imbalance of the candida to bacteria within the body. Such a condition mainly develops when the balance between the yeast and the bacteria is altered as a result of immune dysfunction or disease, alteration in the ration of good to bad bacteria in the GI tract and a considerable change in the intestinal PH. Other than this it is also a very popular perception that candida is the consequence of the excessive usage of antibiotics. However medical science defines this as a mere fantasy. On the contrary usage of contraceptive pills or HRT, Natural progesterone cream, steroids such as hydrocortisone, beconase, prednisolone etc, immuno suppressive drugs and repeated usage of broad spectrum antibiotics may actively support candiasis.

Importance of Diagnosis and medical treatment:

According to medical science candida is not just the result of a faltering hormonal system, as it in turn aggravates the situation by binding to hormones, making them incapable of arriving at their target sites. Most of its symptoms are actually the symptoms of the hormonal disruption that underlies beneath candida. On account of these reasons medical attention should be sought immediately in order to avoid any further complications and potentially more serious conditions. A strict balanced diet in this regard really proves helpful in controlling the further chances of the spread of the disease. It is also advised to drink of water in adequate amounts depending upon the body weight of the person and to enhance digestion by increasing the intake of raw food materials in the diet regularly.