Punk Rock Aerobics

Heard of punk rock aerobics? If you hav’nt you are really missing on a chance to be fit and to have some fun, both at the same time. Punk rock aerobics is the latest hip way to get in shape. You can consider as an antithesis to new age fitness trends like yoga and Pilates. The term punk rock aerobics seems like an oxymoron, this new concept seems to have taken off.

Punk rock aerobics – how it began?
The idea of punk rock aerobics was born when the movement’s founders, Maura Jasper and Hilken Mancini, were bouncing around in their living room to their favorite punk rock tunes. They realized that it was actually quite a good workout. Recognizing a potential niche market for this unique form of exercise, they hired a publicist and scheduled classes at The Middle East, a rock club near Cambridge’s Central Square and Spontaneous Celebrations, a cultural center in the Jamaica Plain area of Boston. Twenty-five people showed up for the first class and after that punk rock aerobics never looked back.

Punk rock aerobics – the Work out

The workout moves in punk rock have names like Beat on the Brat which includes throwing punches in the air while dancing, Iggy’s Pop that is jumping up and down while throwing arms in the air. Then there is the Windmill which is essentially air guitar and those who don’t own free weights are given bricks to use. The musical selections for punk rock aerobics include classics like The Ramones, Buzzcocks, The Stooges, Blondie, The Real Kids and The Damned. The warm-up stretching is generally accompanied by Washington, DC band Fugazi, and the cool-down is done to German electronic band Kraftwerk. Also as attire anything can be worn. However it can be noted that fishnet stockings are a popular choice.

Thus be ready for a fun filled session of punk rock aerobics. You have fun but you don’t waste time, on the contrary you get a proper workout. So simply- punk rock aerobics is all about fun and fitness.