Reiki To Treat Arthritis


The word “Reiki” is composed of two Japanese words. Rei means Universal spirit and Ki means Life energy. The Japanese physician Mikao Usui revived the process of using the universal life energy for human benefit. It is claimed that it is 2500 years old. Hawayo Tokata initiated it to the West in the 1930s. It is believed that all the universal life energy has to be channelised to treat the ailing for physical and mental, strength and balance. Reiki is believed to lower heart rate and blood pressure, enhance the immune system and decrease the joint pain in arthritis.


The practitioner places his hands on 12-15 different parts of the body. The hand either touches the body or is held a couple of inches above the body. The time, for which it is held, changes from 2-5 minutes. All the positions can be completed in 1.5 hour. A feeling of warmth, relaxation or refreshment is experienced during the session. Reiki can be practiced without side effects or overdose. It is considered that the body utilizes the natural energy wherever it is required the most. Lourdes Gray is said to have used Reiki to treat degenerative diseases like arthritis. John Gray writes that the movement of energy revives the body cells. After the treatment the entire body functions in a normal and strong mode. During the session, the hand is placed on the joints affected by arthritis or on the specified positions on the body. Healing is accelerated as treatment occurs the causal level. The energy flows from the practitioners body, through his hands, then through the patient’s body to the part it is needed the most.


In the First Degree Certification, there are four energy attunements. These are high power and energy moving processes which clear the physical, mental and emotional blocks and leads to self discovery. Also how to place hands on self and other people in contact with self can be learnt. After 3 weeks the Second Degree Certification can be learnt. In it 3 Reiki Symbols for long distance healing are taught. This degree increases the energy level ten times and the person becomes an official practitioner. After another 3 weeks, the person can receive the Master Symbol. It increases the energy level hundred times.