Relieving Sore Muscles with Aromatherapy

If you have ever experienced a stiff neck or pulled your back muscles, then you know first hand how painful sore muscles can be. Weight trainers, exercise enthusiasts and those who have jobs that require physical labor all experience sore muscles at one time or another. Many people don’t stop to think of the effects of sore muscles until after they have pulled one, but a sore muscle can play a negative impact on the performance of a worker.

Often children have a hard time expressing that they have a sore muscle. Young children may experience sore muscles after a day of rigorous play, and though children are extremely flexible, they may still experience sore leg muscles after a day full of running, swimming, or just playing outside. Sometimes, children experience various muscle cramps in their legs during the night. This is caused from growing and may at times be painful enough to wake a child from sleeping. During times like this, a child may greatly benefit from a nice warming massage oil that soothes and cools sore muscles.

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that has many far-reaching benefits besides filling a room with fresh scents. Aromatherapy uses many essential oils from plants and herbs that naturally contain many therapeutic properties. Some of these plants were the earliest forms of medicine and are natural pain relievers. These plant oils may be combined to create massage oils that will penetrate deeply into the skin and treat the source of the pain directly in the body.

Adults benefit greatly from massages with herbs and essential oils that treat sore muscles and relieve the pain and tension from the body. Many people have work to do and unfortunately, when pain strikes; the work doesn’t magically go away. The best way to treat pain is when it first appears. You should also take steps to ensure that you don’t pull muscles when working. A great way to keep your muscles from being strained is to incorporate Yoga and other stretching routines into your daily exercise.

Yoga will keep your body flexible and supple and help stretch out your muscles. Avoid overexerting your muscles whether at work, when lifting, or bending. If you need to pick something up off of the floor, bending at the knees, and not at the back will protect your back from strain. Make sure when sleeping that you have an adequate mattress that will properly support your spine. One of the most prevalent reasons for unnecessary back and neck pain comes from a mattress that doesn’t offer enough support.

Here is a wonderful recipe for massage oil that will help ease the pain from sore muscles, that is simple for you to make. First, choose your choice of carrier oil, suggested oils include Jojoba oil, Macadamia Oil, or Sweet Almond oil, taking one ounce of carrier oil, add 5 drops of Sweet Birch oil and 5 drops of Peppermint oil. Blend thoroughly in an amber colored glass container. You may also add this blend to a hot bath and soak for 20-30 minutes.