Romantic Perfumery and Aromatherapy

The art of perfumery dates back thousands of years and has its roots in nature. In the animal kingdom, scent is used to attract the opposite sex and to mate. The power of scent has the ability to attract as well as to repel and when it comes to humans and the art of romance, scent is vitally important.

The market place is abundant with commercially prepared colognes and perfumes that are made from artificial chemicals. Aromatherapy offers the wearer the ability to not only wear deliciously and exotic fragrances, but scents that are natural and have herbal qualities that separate them from their chemical counterparts. Herbs and plants used in perfumery have the ability to stimulate the senses or bring a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. Many plants are natural aphrodisiacs and this holds many benefits to those who are wearing them when attracting the opposite sex. In the past, many love potions were worn as perfumes and their effect upon the unsuspecting target was overwhelming.

It is customary to wear perfume at the pulse points, close to the heart and where the blood flows strongest. This helps to radiate the fragrance throughout the body and senses. During the Middle Ages the art of perfumery took hold and perfumes or essential oils were worn in lockets around the neck.

It is believed that perfumery derived its origin from temple worship and the art of burning incense during devotional worship. Perfumery was the art of wearing the scented fragrances full time.

Today, perfumery still holds true to the origins it was founded upon. Most people choose their perfume for its ability to attract the opposite sex. Both men and women browse hundreds of fragrances looking for the one that will give them the appeal that they need to project themselves as successful, beautiful, and desirable as they believe they should be. Celebrities everywhere endorse their “signatures scent” and people purchase these perfumes hoping that they will become more like Britney or Jennifer Lopez.

However, there is no perfume out there that hasn’t based its scent on any of the natural herbs, spices, and plants that are found occurring naturally, and there is no basis for choosing a chemical counterfeit to 100% organic essential oil, unless you have an allergy to the plant in its true form. Since essential oils containing the healing properties inherent in the plant, it only serves to reason that a natural perfume composed of essential oils is more powerful to both the body and senses then a commercially prepared fragrance.

For women who are looking for an exotic and romantic scent, but would rather use the aromatic natural aphrodisiacs instead of commercial perfumes, there is a fabulous essential oil blend that will stimulate the mind, senses, and absorb into the body.

This blend uses the beauty and femininity of Roses, the seductiveness of Jasmine, and the exciting and exotic scent of Frankincense. This richly exotic, luxurious blend will rival any product endorsed by Hollywood, any day.