Sensual Scents: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has many uses and purposes. It can be used to promote relaxation, to suppress appetite, or to bring healing to the body. By using natural herbs and plants for their scents you can stimulate the mind and emotions. This may be accomplished with candles, oils, inhalers, or diffusers. When you release the scent of a plant into the atmosphere you will experience many benefits. You will also receive the benefits that are inherent to the plant. Some of these benefits may be directly absorbed into the skin by use of aromatic baths, oils, massages, and lotions. Plants and herbs are varied and they all have different properties. Some are useful as antiseptics, while others may help stimulate the mind. There are plants that are useful in promoting circulation and blood flow, while others may be a natural insect repellent. The fragrances that many plants carry are also powerful by themselves. Citrus is well revered for initiating feelings of energy and happiness and Lavender is known for bringing relaxation and peace. Some plants are more sensual and are natural aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs have been used for thousands of years to initiate feelings of love. These plant oils can enhance excitement and create a romantic atmosphere.

In the wild, animals use scent to attract their mates. This is not so different with people either. Many people choose a perfume or cologne based upon its ability to attract the opposite sex. Scent can be arousing and pleasing to the senses, or it can be a deterrent and have the opposite of the intended effect. Because of this, you should choose your scent wisely. When creating an atmosphere of romance, for example, choosing candles for a romantic dinner for two, why not select candles that have natural aphrodisiac properties. Patchouli and Sandalwood are two aphrodisiacs and you can easily purchase aromatic candles that have these essential oils added to them.

You can also make your own sensually scented air fresheners. This is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere in a short time. You can also use the spray to scent a room before enjoying an evening together. To create your own air freshener you will need a spray or pump bottle, 1-½ ounces of distilled water, 1-½ ounces of Vodka and 20 to 30 drops of your selected essential oil Blend all of the ingredients in the bottle. You may want to create the air freshener 24 hours before you plan to use it so that all of the oils may cure.

You can also make very sensual bath oil that will stimulate the senses and leave you smelling exotic. For the bath oil, you will need carrier oil, such as one ounce of Sweet Almond oil, 10 drops of Jasmine Oil, 5 drops of Sandalwood, and 5 drops of Lime oil. Blend all of the oils with the carrier oil. You can run a hot bath and put the oil in your bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes in this sensually delightful bath.