Should You Buy Your Colon Cleanser From An Affiliate Marketer?

If you are ready to undergo a colon cleanse to flush out the accumulation of compacted fecal matter that builds up over time in response to questionable dietary habits – which most Americans readily admit to – you have a lot of options. Physicians prescribe quickie colon cleanses which are generally considered harsh and may even contain ingredients that could adversely affect your kidneys. Other methods involve the use of substances that will work gently in your colon but may take a while to rev up to their performance. By far the most readily available colon cleansers are natural supplements that rely on a host of herbs, some spices, and even minerals to affect the evacuation of fecal matter from the colon.

Yet where should you purchase your colon cleansers? Your local well stocked health food store undoubtedly has a lot to offer in the way of natural substances, while the pharmacy stores will most likely carry a few natural cleansers but will most likely focus more on the chemical ones. The Internet, as always, is a hotbed of the colon cleansing industry; however, interestingly it may not necessarily be the best vendor. The reason is quick to realize and easy to understand: affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a mainstay of Internet marketing and as such has made fortunes for many who are serious about going after the profits. It is this very enthusiasm for profit that should warn potential customers away from affiliate marketers who are selling colon cleanse supplement. Here are the warning-signs that you may wish to shop elsewhere, such as a brick and mortar store, for a different supplement:

  • The supplement is not for sale directly from the manufacturer but instead you have to find an affiliate who will sell it to you. Similarly, it is not for sale in stores but only on the ‘Net.
  • As you peruse the ingredients list, you find that many of the substances are relatively cheap to find, yet the mix is priced at 50 to 75 times what the individual components may cost. This exorbitant price increase showcases that you are supporting the multilevel marketing model the manufacturer is following and has precious little to do with the quality of the product.
  • High prices require high-flying testimonials, and the higher the price the more outlandish the claims made. Most affiliates are free to market the colon cleanser however they see fit and it is not surprising to read contrived customer testimonials, find non-existent or doctored up studies, and be treated to Internet hoaxes and lore that is presented as stone-cold medical fact. (John Wayne’s alleged colon weight comes to mind.)
  • The colon cleanser is hailed as a cure all and dangerous medical advice is dispensed – without a license. Among those dangerous bits and pieces of advise are the suggestion to ignore muscle spasms (indicative of a compromised electrolyte balance) or the tip that suggests to combine various bodily cleanses at the same time (adding to toxicity increases for the liver).