Sports Aerobics

What is sports aerobics?

Aerobics is nothing but a system of physical training designed to improve circulatory and respiratory efficiency and involves vigorous sustained exercises such as jogging, running swimming and cycling.

Sports aerobics:
Sport Aerobics, also known as “competitive aerobics”, is basically a sport derived from aerobic dance. Athletes display their ability to demonstrate high intensity complex movements in tune to music. It is an amusing physical activity that strengthens cardiopulmonary stamina. In contrast, Sport Aerobics athletes need to display several aspects of fitness, which include flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance through a pattern of actions having high artistic choreography. Sport Aerobics is seemed to have found many followers in Japan. The athletes individually select the music for their performances, thereby making their demonstrations even more special.
It involves a variety of exercises by combining a series of aerobic movements with repetitions so that it involves all major muscle groups and thereby increase the heart rate. While performing sport aerobics, a major concern for the performer is to maintain an appropriate posture of the body. The performer by the dynamic, rhythmic and continuous sequences captures the minds of its viewers and mesmerizes and enthralls them.

Its competitive nature:
The sport has become really competitive and is, at present, recognized by more than forty five nations. World wide championships are hosted and the categories include the following:
* Individual female
* Individual male
* Mixed pairs(one male, one female)
* Trio (ant three athletes)
Some of the championships of sports aerobics are as follows:
* Suzuki World Cup
* FIG World Aerobic Championships (Rotating European Countries
* World Aerobic Championships (USA)
* World Games (rotating countries)
* Pan American Championships
The competitive nature of the sport can also be attributed to the following aspects:
* Length of the performance and selection of music: A one minute and forty-five second piece of music is supposed to be selected by the athlete. However the duration of the music may vary by 5 seconds.
* Competitive Dress Code:
A sporty appearance is what is required. Female athletes are supposed to wear a one-piece leotard and a pair of flesh colored tights. Male athletes are supposed to wear spandex shirts along with pants. Aerobics shoes must be flawlessly clean.
* Judging and scoring:
the performances are basically judged on two criteria; artistic merit and technical merit carrying ten points each.
* Difficulty scale:
The difficulty value determined from the cumulative score of the twelve highest scoring performances.