Step Aerobics

Heard of step aerobics? Well it definitely takes you a step closer towards good heath and fitness! If you haven’t heard of it let’s start with the basic definition of a step that is used in aerobics. Well, an aerobics step is a raised platform, which can be adjusted according to the degree of intensity desired. A basic aerobic step will cost about $50. Comfort level of a step differs from person to person. The platform is large enough for placing both feet comfortably yet small enough to straddle. So what to do with these steps? Here is all that you want to know about Step aerobics –

Step Aerobics And Step Aerobic Routine – An Overview!

Want to burn calories? Step aerobics will work the best for you! A step aerobics session of about 50 minutes will help you in burning off 250-400 calories. This can vary according to the level of exertion. One also has the option of adjusting the step aerobic intensity by using a higher step or a lower step. As a beginner, one can start with a 20-minute session of step aerobics and later increase it to about an hour. Gradual increase in the time limit is important as muscles and heart slowly get used to the workout. Step aerobic routine also involves intensive lower body workout by making use of a step for increasing muscle conditioning.

When doing step aerobics, the perfect posture head up, shoulders down and tight back, abs and butt. Another important thing to be kept in mind is that a step aerobic session must be preceded by adequate warming up. This will include stretching all the major muscle groups, especially the lower back. This warm up session helps to gradually raise the heart rate. And Failure to do this can possibly result in injuries. Ideally, a step aerobic session must alternate fast paced steps with some slower paced ones. Squats, leg lifts and lunges are also carried on according to the beats of aerobic music. Light dumbbells can also be used for adding an additional upper-body workout. Another thing to be kept in mind is that a typical step aerobic routine must end with a cooling down session. This helps in slowing down the heart to a normal rate and brings the blood circulation back to the earlier state without pooling in the extremities. Cooling down also prevents sore muscles, which can be caused due to chemical build up in the muscles used in the step aerobic routine.