Stop Your Gobbling And Get A Neck Lift To Remove Your Turkey Waddle

Perhaps you were blessed with somewhat good genes and have a face relatively unlined and wrinkle-free or a facelift provided it for you. It’s great that your face does not betray your age; however, it is safe to say that your neck can though. The neck area is often the first place on the body that shows your true age. If you have lost weight, your neck will show it through sagging skin that has lost its suppleness. You may have excess fat or band lines in the skin. All of these things can age you, but a neck lift can revive that youthful appearance.

Defining the neck lift

There are several procedures that define a neck lift and they include liposuction, platysmaplasty and cervicoplasty. Liposuction is usually a given as it will remove unwanted fat deposits in the neck, creating a more streamlined appearance. The platysmaplasty is necessary to tighten or remove neck muscles. The cervicoplasty involves removing excess skin that cannot be stretched to accommodate the new neck. A combination of all three procedures is usually done on an average neck lift.

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Often times, the neck lift will be scheduled in tandem with other cosmetic procedures so there is only one healing time. A facelift could occur at the same time so you could get a youthful appearance from the shoulders up at once. Forehead lift surgery, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and others are all possible surgery procedure partners. There are limits and your doctor will best know what can be done.

Age know no boundaries when it comes to the neck lift procedure. Even youthful teenagers have had neck lifts for one reason or another, the same as grandma. If you are in good physical health with no known diseases, interfering medications or other medical risks, you are a good candidate for the neck lift cosmetic surgery. A surgeon will talk with you about your medical history and lifestyle habits so as to identify any possible problems.

A neck lift cosmetic surgery itself may not require an overnight hospital stay but when piggybacked with other procedures, it is par for the course. General or local anesthesia may be used depending on the case. The surgeons will use endoscopic techniques as they are less invasive and require smaller incisions. There is also a faster recovery rate, less bruising and fewer side effects.

During the surgery, liposuction is usually performed first as the absence of the excess fatty deposits will give the surgeons a better viewpoint of where to go in terms of performing the other two neck procedures. Overall, the neck lift is not a difficult task for experienced surgeons. Your recovery will take a few weeks due to post-operative swelling, bruising and numbness.

A neck lift will give you a “lift” emotionally as it will match the youthful appearance you have strived to hard for in the face. That disconcerting feeling that your neck does match your face or the rest of the body will go away and be replaced with greater confidence in your self.