Suggestions For Resistant Children Who Don’t Want To Potty Train

It is a fact of life that not all children want to be potty trained. Some will resist and fight it every step of the way. It is worthwhile to note that no connection has been found between children who don’t want to become potty trained and those who wet their beds. This situation can be frustrating for both the parent and the child and it is so important for the parent to remain calm and not lose their temper around their child.

In order to encourage potty training make it a room your child wants to be in. Make the bathroom warm and welcoming by hanging pictures that the child likes. Hanging up pictures the child has drawn is a good idea as well. Along the same line make the child’s potty as comforting as possible. Purchase it in a color that your child likes and allow him to decorate the outside of it with stickers or let him draw his own pictures on construction paper and then attach them to the potty.

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Allow your child to have positive associations with the potty by encouraging him or her to bring a favorite doll, toy, stuffed animal or book into the bathroom when he or she has to go. By way of example have the doll pretend to use the potty to encourage the child to do so. This is an excellent time to read a book you have bought or borrowed from the library about potty training. Let your child look at the pictures and share the experience together.

Encouragement goes a long way in helping a resistant child do what he needs to on the potty. Turning on the faucet on the sink might help as it will make the child think of water which can lead to the need to urinate. Be sure to tell your child that everyone uses the toilet, as it is a necessary part of life. If you have a cat in the household you might want to point out that Fluffy has to go the bathroom too, only his toilet is his litter pan.

If your child likes to sing learn or make up a potty training song and then sing it together while he or she is sitting on the toilet. Or if he or she wants to make up his own song or a rhyme let him do so.

If your child has a difficult time passing a bowel movement then you need to soften his stools. This is a common reason that some children don’t want to use the toilet. If this is the case then you will need to incorporate more fiber into your child’s daily diet. Foods that are high in fiber include such things as raisins, prunes, prune juice and a variety of stool-softening supplement available at grocery stores and pharmacies. Prune juice is particularly good for cases of mild to severe constipation.

If all else fails you might want to speak to your child’s doctor and see if he or she has any suggestions for you that you haven’t thought of already. Let him know what stage of potty training you are at and where the problem seems to lie.