Supplements For Candida

Candida is a genus of yeast like fungi, which reproduces by budding. These are generally found in trace amounts in the mouth, skin, intestinal tract and vagina of normal individuals. Candida is the organism most commonly associated with mycotic infections. When a Candida infection involves the mouth or throat that is usually occurs in infants and young children who have been on antibiotics for long. It is characterized by the formation of white patches and ulcers and is frequently accompanied by fever and gastrointestinal inflammation as well. This condition is referred to as thrush.

Nutritional and lifestyle supplements for candida

Candida is persistent yeast, which is difficult to clear from the body. If candida has grown too much then it requires then one must avoid intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates for at least three weeks and maybe longer. In addition to the diet, there are nutritional supplements that must be taken to kill the fungus, clear it from the liver and blood, build up the immune system, repair the damage done to the intestinal tract and replace the normal flora of the body. All of these steps must be done to get lasting results. The first two or three weeks are the most difficult because of the sugar and simple carbohydrates restriction. After that the program is relatively easy but determination and promptness with taking the supplements is require.

Steps to keep supplements regular
Begin with a 2-week cleanses. It includes weakening the fungus with the Candida Diet. Regular intake of supplements to kill the fungus is must. Take supplements to support the immune system too. Other supplements should be taken to clear the dead fungus from the liver and blood. The measures should be taken to support weakened body systems, especially the digestive system. Replace the friendly flora of the body and make any lifestyle changes necessary to prevent an infection to attack again.
Concluding remark
Some people may experience a healing crisis or a cleansing crisis while they are on supplements due to the dead fungus and other toxins that the body is getting rid of. These supplements will circulate in the blood for a short time until they can be eliminated and can cause weakness, malaise, headache, nausea and other symptoms too. Keep a positive attitude and get rid of candida.