Teenagers in Control of their Diabetes

Teenagers have problems with controlling their raging hormones, emotions, and feelings of self-esteem. Control is an issue with them. When they are dealing with diabetes the impact is even greater. They are learning to drive, write assignments, and deal with their emotional swings. Controlling their diabetes is another action that must be learned. If they learn to control blood sugar levels, they will have a happier and healthier life.

Teen’s bodies are changing every day, their emotions can be unpredictable and control is another item that needs to be learned. Controlling your blood sugar level is an important part of living with the disease. The goal is to have blood sugar levels that don’t swing wildly throughout the day. If your levels are nearly the same, then you have control.

The new technology being developed is helping teenagers and adults control their diabetes. Glucose monitors and insulin pumps are just two of the newest developments diabetics are using to control their blood sugar levels. They also decrease the risks of serious complications.

How do teenagers keep their diabetes in control? Your attitude towards the disease can play a big part in controlling it. You try to do everything right and you still don’t have control? What do you do? First, you need to relax and stay cool. When you let your emotions run out of control, it makes it even harder to control blood sugar levels. If you slip up, pick up where you left off and start again. Tight control should be keeping your levels under control, but also your emotions as well.

Eat a good healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important and eating lean protein, and little fat. It is hard to eat healthy when you have a busy life of a teenager, but it is possible. Exercise as much as you can. You can still take part in organized sports as long as you are keeping your sugar levels under control, and exercise help keep control of your attitudes and emotions. Listening to your parents, your doctor, and your body will help keep you healthy and more in control of your disease. You make the choices that will either help you stay healthy or lose control and put you in danger.

Fear can help you lose control, both of your disease and your attitude. Don’t let fear control you! Fear is the most common reaction to a diagnosis of diabetes, but it doesn’t need to paralyze you. Many successful people deal with diabetes and still have a happy and successful life. Fear will give you an adrenalin rush. You can use that rush to accomplish what you want, or give in to fear and it will bring out a negative response.

You might be overwhelmed with a diabetes diagnosis but remember, everyone who has diabetes has been at this point. With all the information you will get, and the many new methods of eating and controlling your blood sugar levels, feeling overwhelmed is a natural feeling. You control the feeling, don’t let it defeat you before you get started.