The American Burn Association

If you are looking for support after receiving a burn, or simply want to help other people prevent burn injuries, the American Burn Association is one place that you can contact. The American Burn Association was started to help improve the lives of victims that have been affected by a burn injury by providing advocacy, care, education, and research.

The American Burn Association works to provide care, education, prevention, rehabilitation, and research in the field of burns. With over 3500 members around the world, it hopes to help patients who have been affected by serious burns as well as prevent such burns from having. Members may be everything from doctors and nurses to therapists, social workers, researchers, and even firefighters. By having such a broad membership base, the American Burn Association is better equipped to meet its goals of educating the public on the dangers of burns as well as their prevention and treatment.

The American Burn Association participates in a number of activities with the goal of improving burn patient care. This includes working on the research done to find new and better ways of treating burn injuries and helping to educate the public on ways to prevent burns from happening. The American Burn Association works with both local and national groups, like FEMA, to help achieve its goals. It also provides continuing education programs for its members, annual meetings, and publications to the scientific community.

One project that the American Burn Association has worked on was the creation and the administration of the Advanced Burn Life Support, a web-based education course designed for doctors, health care personnel, and emergency response crews. The Association has also come up with guidelines to help hospitals nationwide improve their burn care and created a program that assesses how well different burn centers are working and ensures that they follow national guidelines and standards. The Association also created the National Burn Repository and registry software.

Currently, the American Burn Association is working on ways to improve disaster preparedness projects to treat burns on a large scale in events like forest fires, as well as legislation to help uninsured burn patients receive care through Medicare. This program would give special reimbursement to burn centers and initiatives to help support funding for burn research.

The American Burn Association was started in 1967. It was preceded by several national burn seminars hosted by some of the leading institutions in the world of burn treatment. Since it began, the American Burn Association has been dedicated to burn related research, education, care, and prevention, helping to both stimulate and support programs in these areas. It sponsors a wide variety of educational programs, research, publications, and other burn-related activities.

If you are interested in finding out more information on the American Burn Association, or want to become a member or a sponsor, they have an online website where you can find out more information. You can also see the latest projects that the American Burn Association is working on or sponsoring in the field of burn research.