The Basics Of Back Pain

Back pain is a problem that strikes a large part of the population. As a matter of fact, lower back pain is the fifth most common reason that people in the United States visit a physician. Clinically known as ‘dorsopathy’, there can be many causes for a case of back pain. Back pain may be present due to the muscles, joints, nerves, or bones being aggravated, and it can result in a lot of pain and a loss of productivity. There are many different sensations that one may experience when they have a case of back pain, and the pain may be a dull ache or a sharp, burning sensation. In this article, we’ll give you a basic understanding of back pain so that you can know how to treat it better.

By far, the most common reason that one experiences a case of back pain is a straining of the muscles in the back. This causes a case of acute low back pain, and it will most often go away without any treatment within a period of two to six weeks. Cases of acute low back pain that persist longer than three months should be taken to a physician in order to be remedied. One of these prolonged cases of back pain may be due to a more advanced problem, such as spinal disc herniation or degenerative disc disease.

When it comes to treating a case of back pain, the treatment is definitely dependent on the source of the problem. For easing moderate aches and pains in your household, you may want to consider using a heat pack and a cold pack in order to soothe the muscles of the back. Physical therapy and exercise are also encouraged, and performing stretches that help to strengthen the back muscles are highly recommended. Some people find relief from their back pain through participating in low-intensity exercise programs such as pilates or yoga. Visits to a chiropractor may also be of merit as they can help to properly align your spine, causing less pain and friction between the discs of your spine. Steroid injections may also be given, as well as medications that can work as muscle relaxants.

To treat serious cases of back pain, surgery may be an option. Artificial disc replacement is one medical procedure that is gaining popularity when it comes to treating those with degenerated discs. Another procedure that is often used is spinal cord stimulation, in which electrical signals are sent into the spine which causes the spine to stop transmitting pain signals into the brain, lessening the pain that one feels when they have back problems. If you’ve got a case of back pain that you are having trouble with, you may want to speak to a doctor in order to discover what the underlying cause to your condition is. There are many ways of relieving the pain that dorsopathy can cause, so it’s very important to get the problem properly diagnosed by a health care professional.