The Latest In Acupressure Supplies

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art of medication that reportedly provides relief from ailments such as joint pains, lower back pains, eating disorders, etc. This craft makes use of the technique of applied pressure in certain pre determined acupressure sensitive points of the body. However it has not been conclusively proved that acupressure, which does not involve the consumption of any allopathic medications, induces much more than a placebo effect.

Acupressure Supplies

There are a number of devices that aid in the process of acupressure. They include the Jeanine Rub Foot and Leg massager which promises to initiate a fresh cycle of circulation within the soles of your feet, which generally suffer the most pressure during your routine day. The Lucas Pulverizer is used to dissociate vitamins and toners deep into the skin pores to regain that youthful appearance you so desire. The Acuforce 7.O is a specially designed instrument that reduces and substitutes the physical energy from your body and replaces it with pressure that is emitted due to its design. The Acuforce Backpack is a specially designed backpack to help transfer the Acuforce 7.O. After spending those long hours seated in your office chairs, the Anti-gravity Massage Chair seems to be the next best destination for you. This chair reportedly distributes body weight in such a manner that the weight on your spine and muscles are eased to a great extent. At the same time it provides a soothing massage. The Hand L Massager is a specifically and ergonomically designed massager that provides for relaxation by way of deep tissue penetration and thereby goes a long way in improving the overall circulation of the massaged area. The Sisal Bath Sponge is made of 100% natural fibers. This sponge cleanses the skin and acts as a gentle abrasive. At the same time it provides for a gentle and soothing feeling.
These are just a handful of the various products available to aid the process of acupressure. All the above mentioned products are available on the internet.