The Role Diabetes Plays in Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection. Impotence is common in men with diabetes and could suggest cardiovascular disease or depression. The inability to perform sexually affects the quality of life and relationships they share with their significant other. Disease, medication, drugs, and alcohol can cause it. Lifestyle problems, depression, stress, and anxiety are other major causes of erectile dysfunction.

Men with diabetes often experience erectile dysfunction because of poor blood glucose control. Hardening of the arteries is also a potential cause for impotence. When the arteries harden, blood and oxygen cannot flow to some areas of the body. If the arteries going to the penis have collected fatty materials on their walls it prevents the smooth muscle cells to relax, so the blood can make the penis harder and larger.

Diabetes is only one cause of erectile dysfunction, other causes are age, cardiovascular disease, and the signal that triggers arousal isn’t passed on to the brain. Low levels of male hormones, medications, and high cholesterol levels also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Keeping a controlled blood glucose level will help prevent or delay the development of this disease in men who have diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction can be controlled and prevented. Quit smoking, lose weight, exercise on a regular basis, and keep your blood sugar levels under control. In studies recently presented, it was found that men who exercised and lost weight show an improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Medications that diabetics need to be on can cause erectile dysfunction. Usually the man with diabetes has more than one condition that is being treated with medications. A detailed look at the medication by a doctor could result in changes made to medications used and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

There are methods to aid men who have a problem with sexual function because of impotence. Drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis are used to help with sexual performance. There are reports that these drugs are not as effective in men with diabetes.

Vacuum constriction devices have good success rates, with diabetics having a 75 percent success rate. These devices work no matter what is causing erectile dysfunction and can be used as part of foreplay by a couple.

Other methods of dealing with impotence is Intracavernosal injections delivered to the penis help stimulate erections. Surgery and implantation of penile prostheses have a good success rate, although infection is always a possibility with diabetic men. Another form of treatment is to raise the level of male hormone in the body. This is not recommended for men who are still producing testosterone

Impotence doesn’t have to mean the end of a healthy sexual relationship. Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating to men, but remember there are other ways to have sex. Intercourse is just one. Other ways to share love with your partner is cuddling, bathing together, and sharing fantasies and massages. Giving pleasure can also include reading erotic books together, or watching sexy videos.