Things to Do and Not Do before Your Acupuncture Treatment

When preparing for any acupuncture treatment session there are a few basic things that should be done and some others that should be avoided. When you make your first appointment ask if there are any things that you should know. If the appointment was suggested by your health care provider hopefully they’ve given you a sheet with directions on what to do before your acupuncture treatment. If they haven’t then it would be wise to talk to them as well and see what they recommend. If for some reason neither source makes any suggestions on acupuncture do’s and don’ts then do some research of your own and see what can be learned through the Internet. There are some things you need to know.

The most important thing to do is to try your best to come to the sessions feeling relaxed and confident in the outcome. This can make a big difference to the success of the treatment.

It is suggested that you don’t consume a large meal just before you go for your treatment or right after it is over. Instead you should have a light meal earlier in the day so you are not hungry during your acupuncture session. Some acupuncturists will ask that you are careful not to do anything that will affect the color of your tongue. This is because the color of your tongue holds information that may be important in a treatment plan. Therefore on the day of your session it is recommended that you do not drink juice, coffee or even soda. Water and tea are fine as they will not have this effect. As well, stay away from spicy foods as they also have an effect on the color of the tongue. Do not brush your tongue when cleaning your teeth the day of your appointment.

Do not make any changes in the medications you take. It is essential that whatever your health care provider has prescribed you continue to take as you would normally. On the other hand if you use illicit drugs in the seven days before a treatment this may adversely affect the outcome. The same is true of alcohol. If you are seriously looking for help from the acupuncture treatments, than you must abstain from using any of these things that abuse your body. Otherwise you should not even bother going as there is no doubt that the use of these things that abuse your body will detract from the effectiveness of the treatment.

Before you go to your session you should not have done excessive exercise or had sex. It is recommended you abstain from these activities for six hours before and after your session. Make sure after you are done you will be able to rest for a short while especially after the first couple of sessions. At the minimum you should only take part in light activities. It’s very useful to the acupuncturist if you can keep a journal so they can see the results of your sessions.