Treat Stretch Marks with Aromatherapy

Pregnancy is a wonderfully exciting time for many women. The beauty of life has culminated and in nine months, a new baby will be born. It is also a time of personal reflection and change. In fact, changes are so prevalent, that they may feel overwhelming at times. Not only is your life undergoing change, your body is changing as well. Some of these changes are welcomed with open arms, such as feeling the baby grow in your womb, while others are not as readily accepted. Morning sickness, fatigue, and the idea of gaining weight may not be causing women to jump for joy.

During pregnancy, it is important to keep your skin well hydrated. If you eat healthy and stay away from sweets and junk food, you can gain what your doctor recommends (20-30 lbs.) and not put on too much extra weight. This is the best way to prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars caused by the underlying layers of skin stretching too fast. They can be caused by rapid weight gain and subsequent rapid weight loss. Many women detest these scars and try many different methods to treat them and remove them.

Many commercial products promise to treat and remove stretch marks, yet they have had very little success. There are many herbs and plant oils, however, that have been very successful in treating stretch marks, and restoring the tone and elasticity to the skin. This is the most important step in treating stretch marks. By restoring the skin’s elasticity, the stretch mark or scar will be minimized and the body will achieve its youthful look once again.

You can create your own aromatic massage oil and use it on your stretch marks. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should make sure that the essential oil that you have chosen is safe for use on your skin. There are many plant oils that you can choose from. One of the most popular oils used for healing stretch marks is Helichrysum. Again, if you are going to use Helichrysum, make sure that you read the safety precautions and use it as instructed. You can make a cream by adding 10 drops of Helichrysum oil to 1 ounce of base cream. Blend thoroughly and apply up to two times a day. The cream will even heal old stretch marks, but you must use it continually and daily. Results may take up to up to three months.

Another recipe that you can use for treating stretch marks is made by adding one drop of Frankincense Oil, one drop of Sandalwood oil, two drops of lavender oil and one ounce of carrier oil. A good choice of carrier oil is Sweet Almond oil. Blend all of the ingredients together and store in an amber colored jar. You can add this oil to your bath water for a wonderful treatment that will soothe your skin and penetrate your stretch marks. You can also apply it directly to the marks as well.