Treat Your Backache with Aromatherapy Massage

Backache and pain can be debilitating and hinder a person’s fulfillment in life. There are many different types of back pain, from upper and lower back to chronic. Chronic back pain is pain that continues every day and lasts longer than two weeks.

Sometimes back pain is the result of sleeping wrong, or on a mattress that isn’t adequately supporting your weight. It may also be the result of being overweight. When a person becomes overweight they tend to accumulate fat around the abdomen. When this occurs, it throws the posture and balance out of alignment and the back is then used to make up the difference. This can lead to serious back pain.

Other factors that can lead to back pain may include poor posture, not standing up straight, wearing improper shoes or very high heels, or straining your back as a result of picking up or carrying something that was too heavy to lift.

Some people have jobs that require an undue amount of strain to be placed upon the back. It is important that these people wear a back brace or safety belt to protect their backs from damage.

Another factor that can cause severe back pain includes pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s growing and expanding uterus can lead to back pain and discomfort. She may even find that it is nearly impossible to get a full night’s rest without tossing and turning. A good remedy for this is for the pregnant woman to purchase a body pillow and to sleep on her side holding the pillow. By keeping one leg up and across the pillow, she will take the pressure off her back, relieving pain and tension.

Aromatherapy massage can be a wonderful tool in treating chronic back pain. There are many natural essential plants that contain wonderful healing properties that when massaged into the skin will relieve pain and pressure at the cellular level. Heating the massage oil is also very effective and will feel wonderful. It is important to make sure that if you feel any strong pain, then to stop the massage at once. Also, if you are pregnant, it is important to read the safety precautions on the label and make sure that you don’t use any essential oils that can cause harm or danger to the baby.

A great massage oil for back pain and ailments may be made by using two drops of Eucalyptus oil, two drops of Lavender oil, and 1 drop of Lemon oil. Take this blend and add it to 1 ounce of carrier oil. A great carrier oil to use for this blend is jojoba oil.

You can derive even greater benefit by heating your massage oil before using it. You can heat it by putting the oil in an amber colored jar, then placing it in a bowl of hot water. Don’t try to microwave it, this can cause the oil to become too hot and burn the recipient during the massage. By treating back pain with massage and aromatherapy, you can successfully manage and treat the pain at its source.