Treating A Sunburn

Maybe you spent a day at the beach, the local pool, or simply outside enjoying the weather or getting work done. Either way, you had a great day and enjoyed your fair share of the sunshine and the warmer weather associated with such activities. Unfortunately, upon your arrival home, you realize that maybe you got a little more than your fair share of the sun. Your skin is warm, and any visible parts are still red. You have become the lucky owner of a sunburn!

If this happens to you, then there is no reason to have concern as long as the burn is mild. Severe burns (those that blister and peel) should be looked at by a doctor because of the risk of infection. Minor sunburns, however, can be treated at home so that you suffer from a minimal amount of pain and discomfort while your skin heals.

Most sunburns heal on their own within a few days or weeks, so it is simply a matter of giving your skin time to heal. This process alone can be quite uncomfortable, starting with pain from the initial sunburn to the itching and dryness associated with the burn healing. But with a few simple treatments you can hep minimize the discomfort that you feel.

One place that you can go for sunburn relief is your local tanning salon. Since their clients have been known to occasionally overindulge, they will often offer a full line of lotions and oils to help relieve sunburns.

For sunburn sufferers that prefer a more natural solution, taking a cold shower can help cool down the skin and relieve pain. Or you can try cool, wet compresses placed over the area.

If you need something a little stronger to treat your sunburn, there are several other treatments that you can try. Lotions, creams, and oils that contain vitamin E and/or aloe vera are effective for treating sunburn. This is because they contain ingredients that can help the skin heal itself from the damage that the UV rays have caused.

If you do not have the opportunity to make it to the local health or drug store, you may also have treatments laying around your home, particularly in the kitchen. Several commonly used cooking items can be good for the skin when used as a salve. This includes: avocado, cucumber, mustard, tomatoes, vinegars, and yogurt. While messy to apply, these natural ingredients can be a good way to help the affected area cool and heal.

Just like other burn treatments, sun burn treatments are most effective the sooner they are applied. You may also have to continue reapplying for several days while your skin heals. During this time, you should take extra precautions to not further injure your skin. This means covering up with light weight cotton clothing and wearing sunscreen whenever you go outdoors. And the next time you go out for a day at the beach or in the yard, remember to take extra protection along. Repeated sun exposure to the point of causing burning can lead to permanent damage or even skin cancer.