Treating Bad Breath at Home

Bad breath is embarrassing and most of us would rather recognize it ourselves and treat it at home before anyone else knows that we have it. There are many ways to treat bad breath at home including improving upon our oral hygiene routine, drinking plenty of water, using mouthwashes or dental rinses, scraping our tongue or using breath mints. There are some other ways that we can use to not only mask the bad breath but also get to the root causes for the bad breath and do more than just get rid of it temporarily.

Effective treatment for bad breath is not always easy to come up with because not even dentists and doctors know exactly why we get bad breath. We do know that poor dental hygiene can contribute to bad breath and that dry mouth is also a major cause for bad breath. It is obvious to some of us that when we smoke or drink alcoholic beverages our breath stinks afterwards and we can also tell that when we eat certain foods we are more likely to have bad breath such as when we eat foods that contain certain spices, onions or garlic.

There are many ways to mask the bad odors coming from our mouth such as using mouthwash, or taking a breath mint.

To get rid of the causes is a much better way to attack the problem and that involves keeping our mouth moist such as drinking at least 8 – 8 oz. glasses of water each day, or keeping our mouth moist by sucking on sugarless hard candy or chewing sugarless gum.

The best way to get rid of bad breath is to improve our dental hygiene by learning how to brush each tooth properly including the tops, sides and in-between each tooth. We need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and floss to properly clean our teeth. To clean the sides of each tooth, floss gently by rubbing each side of each tooth instead of sawing up and down, which may cause injury to our gums. We also need to clean our tongue by brushing or scraping our tongue especially the back part of the tongue where the majority of the sulfur-producing bacteria gather. A good hint for cleaning our tongue is instead of using toothpaste; brush our tongue using mouthwash. It is important to gently scrape our tongue so we don’t cause damage when scraping.

If we have exhausted all home remedies for bad breath we then have to do one more thing at home for our bad breath and that is to pick up the phone and make a dental appointment. The dentist can examine our mouth to see of there is a dental cause for our bad breath such as periodontal disease. If the dentist determines that a dental cause cannot be found than you will need to call and make a medical appointment with your doctor to be examined to see if there is systemic disease at the root of your bad breath.