Treating Your Pets Arthritis Holistically

What is holistic medicine? It is not the same thing as natural medicine, nor does it necessarily equate alternative medicine. Rather, it means like what it sounds: it is a philosophy of treatment that seeks to treat the whole patient, taking into account a person’s mental and physical health. Each patient is treated as an individual, and treatment is tailored to that person’s specific ailments and needs. Holistic medicine is increasingly becoming part of the medical mainstream. Now, it is even being used to treat pets that are suffering from arthritis. Holistic medicine may include the use of conventional drug therapies and more natural therapies. A doctor with a holistic approach will examine all the available treatment plans, and design a treatment plan that treats all the patient’s symptoms with as little side effects as possible.

Pets, like humans, are susceptible to many different forms of arthritis. As they get older, they become more vulnerable to developing some form of the disease. If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis, why should you consider a holistic approach to treatment? A holistic approach will seek to treat your pet as naturally as possible, with as little side effects as possible. Most pet owners would like to see their pets treated so that they receive the gentlest treatment option possible. Holistic medicine strives to be gentle while achieving maximum effectiveness. Before any treatment is commenced, make sure your pet has received a proper diagnosis. Many older pets are treated for arthritis, when later X-rays conclude that they are not truly suffering from that condition. Instead, they may have a bone cyst, injury, or any other number of conditions that may have been misdiagnosed as arthritis. Too many veterinarians are quick to make the arthritis diagnosis. Be certain your pet has received an adequate examination, and that X-rays were taken to reveal the true cause of their symptoms. Getting a proper diagnosis ensures that your pet will not be needlessly placed in a harsh treatment program.

Most pets who suffer from some form of arthritis experience inflammation of the joints. A holistic approach to pet arthritis focuses on relieving this inflammation as gently and effective as possible. Pets who suffer from arthritis may experience stiffness, pain, and swelling in their joints. Most conventional drug therapies do an adequate job of relieving these symptoms of inflammation. However, there nature is to mask the pain, rather than promote healing of the underlying condition. A holistic approach seeks to alleviate the animal’s pain while healing the damaged joint. Natural therapies can help relieve inflammation while promoting healing in the cartilage. Even if the progress of the disease cannot be stopped entirely, natural therapies can help slow its progress considerably. Nutritional therapies may be used to help slow the progress of arthritis. These types of therapies help feed the joints nutrients that can help repair damage that has been done. As with humans, the earlier the pet is treated, the greater chances for success. Drug therapies in combination with nutritional therapies can be used successfully to this end.