Types Of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is an activity that uses large muscle groups which can be maintained continuously and is rhythmic in nature. It is a type of exercise that overloads the heart and lungs and causes them to work harder than at rest. The important idea behind aerobic exercise today is to get up and get moving!! There are more activities than ever to choose from whether it is a new activity or an old one. Find something you enjoy doing that keeps your heart rate elevated for a continuous time period and gets moving to a healthier life.

Different Types of Aerobic Exercise
* Aerobic Dance
* Bicycling
* Cross country skiing
* In-line Skating
* Fitness Walking
* Jumping Rope
* Running
* Stair Climbing
* Swimming
Health Benefits of Aerobics Exercise:
* Reduces the threat of premature death
* Reduces the peril of developing and/or dying from heart disease
* Reduce high blood pressure
* Reduce high cholesterol
* Reduce the danger of developing colon cancer and breast cancer
* Reduce the possibility of developing diabetes
* Reduces or maintain body weight or body fat
* Builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones, and joints
* Reduces depression and anxiety
* Improves psychological well-being
* Enhances work, recreation, and sport performance

Aerobic exercise helps in increasing your heart rate, improves your muscles, and raises your breathing rate. For most people, it’s best to aim for a total of about half an hour a day and at least 5 days a week. If you haven’t been very active, you can start out with 5 or 10 minutes a day and work up to more time each week. Or split up your activity for the day — try a brisk 10-minute walk after each meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to exercise more than 30 minutes a day. Here are some examples of aerobic exercise take a brisk walk, Take a low-impact aerobics class, Swim or do water aerobic exercises or even try ice-skating or roller-skating