Water Aerobics

Water aerobics came into picture only when the initial craziness of Aerobic exercises fizzed out. It was found that after the augment of Aerobics, some of the female population was not satisfied with the results or the regime, which had to be followed. And that is why; Water Aerobics was taken into picture. Now you can definitely grasp the reason, why Water Aerobics became even more popular. The most number of customers for weight loss regime were women, and they wanted a less stressing exercise schedule than simple Aerobics. Thus, Water Aerobics surfaced as an alternative to Aerobics.

What they include?
Water aerobics consist of water based training programs. Due to the fact that exercises performed under water create much more astonishing results of body toning and weight loss, it gained grip among the fairer sex. Moreover it is one way by which you can burn calories and build muscle without breaking any limb in your body. Generally, Aerobics is risky due to the jumping exercises involved. In water however you have no such threat. A person’s heartbeat is more accelerated under water. This makes sure of enhancing cardiovascular fitness and overall health. They are rhythmic movements of body parts in a dance form.

Chest deep and knee deep level exercises are conducted as per the level of the regime. Instruments like kick boards, woggles and hand buoys are also frequently used to enhance the difficulty and diversity levels. A minimum of forty to fifty minutes are essentially devoted to this particular schedule on a regular basis. This too is further divided into three portions—which are warm up, cooling and stretching exercises respectively. Here too we find levels of performances based on the advanced nature of the work out. This means that right from beginners to elementary up to advance all are framed for appropriate requirements of the trainers.

Right from little toddlers to grand moms can take the advantage of this fastidious regime. In chest- deep water there is round about eighty five to ninety percent support to the body joints. This makes it easier for the oldies as well as kids who are not strong enough to support their body weight on their own. And this is where Water Aerobics scores over normal Aerobic work out.