Ways to Tell You Have Bad Breath

Do your friends or coworkers ever offer you gum and mints after lunch? Do you have a peristant feeling that your breath is not what it should be? Do you catch yourself tryibg to breathe into your cupped hands to check your breath? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then there is a possibility that you have bad breath.

It is almost comical the way many people try to self test their breath. Some of these methods will do little in telling you whether or not you have monster breath. First of all, cupping your hands over your mouth and breathing in and out will tell you nothing. If you exhale on a mirror and inhale your breath, you might get a brief sense of your breath, but it will not give you an accurate picture. Of course, you can always ask your co-workers or your friends, but they probably do not want to smell your breath. In most cases, if you think you have bad breath, then it might be worth it to brush your teeth or to pop a mint into your mouth.

How do you really tell? Many people wonder how they can really tell whether or not they have bad breath. Fresh breath is always nice and you want to make sure you are not offending your surrounding friends and family with your mouth odor, but it is hard to get an accurate picture of your breath. Here are some tips that will help you know whether or not you need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out with mouthwash.

You probably do have bad breath if you have bleeding gums. Believe it or not, bleeding gums when you brush or floss is almost a sure way of knowing you have some degree of gum disease. Gum disease almost always means that you do have bad breath. You need to make sure you see your dentist if you notice that you have bleeding gums.

If your gums look unhealthy or swollen, then that is another indication that you are suffering from gum disease. Swollen gums could mean that you are having problems with your teeth and will need to be treated by your dentist. Swollen and hurting gums could also mean that you have an abscess and this almost always gives you bad breath.

If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, then you can almost be certain that you have bad breath. Sorry, but it is a common fact. When you smoke, your breath will smell. Other tobacco products will also cause this problem. If you are a smoker or a coffee drinker, then brushing your teeth may or may not get rid of the bad breath.

Another way you can tell for sure if you have bad breath is to test it. Remember, the cupping your hand over your mouth and breathing in and out is rarely effective. One way you can tell is to scrape a spoon down your tongue and on the inside of your checks. Rub it on a piece of clean cloth or gauze and let it sit for a few minutes. Go back and smell it. Does it smell? That is what your breath smells like.