What Will the Acupuncture Treatment Be Like?

Those who have decided to try acupuncture as a part of a treatment plan are frequently nervous about their first session. They do not know to expect from this treatment both in how it will feel and what the results will be. Since it is not a standard medical treatment they have very little guidance on what will happen. Only infrequently do they even know anyone who has had acupuncture and so they have no one to ask for advice, or warnings or just general information. Many people will look it up on the Internet to get some answers, but this is not the same as talking to someone who has experienced an acupuncture treatment. It may give them some general information, even the impressions of some patients, and hopefully some success stories. But it many not offer enough to make them feel comfortable with what they are about to embark on. This usually means that when the patient walks into the treatment room they are more often than not nervous and feeling apprehensive.

The acupuncturist will talk to them and try to calm their initial fears. They will explain to them what a treatment is going to feel like and what they might feel after it is over. Of course this is hard to explain because each person reacts slightly differently. They will be assured that the treatment will cause no pain to the patient. Sometimes a mild tingling is felt, sometimes the area will feel numb or an area nearby the needle may have these sensations. But once the needles have been extracted these feelings will stop. They will leave feeling no worse than when they entered and hopefully a little better. The needles used are thin and solid, not hollow like standard medical needles. That means that it will not feel the same as when you are having a blood test or getting an inoculation.

During a treatment the acupuncturist will tell their patient to try to relax. Then they will explain what to expect after a treatment. The patient will be told that they may notice some improvement, but not necessarily after the first treatment. Most treatments last from six to ten weeks with an average of one to two treatments weekly. This depends completely on what condition is being treated. Rarely there may be a little bleeding during a treatment, if this happens there is no need to be upset. It is not dangerous and does not interfere in the outcome.

Be certain that the clinic you go to for acupuncture uses pre-sterilized disposable needles or needles that have been sterilized and disinfected the same way surgical supplies would be when doing your treatment. You do not want to go to one where the needles are suspect; it is a simple health precaution. A licensed acupuncturist will take the correct precautions. You must also be certain the clinic you pick has only licensed practitioners. You can confirm this by asking your health care provider to recommend a licensed clinic.